Monday, December 8, 2014

Top Merchant Service Providers

Ignite Financial is the leading business in merchant credit card processing. When a company signs up through Ignite Financial/First Data Independent Sales of Colorado, they will be able to begin accepting credit cards, giving online businesses or retail businesses the tools they need to compete in today's environment of electronic payments.  Ignite Financial guarantees using their credit card merchant account will increase your company’s profits by the mere fact of having the ability to accept credit cards. In addition, they have the lowest rate of any other merchant account and the experience, as the leading Merchant Services Provider to provide the service you deserve from a Merchant Services Provider. Many other merchant account services offer lower rates, however Ignite Payments/Better Credit Card Processing promises the lowest rate. Ignite Payments is a Merchant Services Company providing both internet merchant accounts and retail merchant accounts and has no hidden fees that many other merchant account credit card processing companies may have locked away in their terms and conditions. They also will not bait and switch you like many other credit card processing companies have in the past. In case customers aren't familiar with the bait and switch advertising, this is what it means. Bait and Switch advertising is an illegal practice where companies such as merchant services companies will advertise their products at low rates or low prices. Once they have you at their business they'll claim there out of the product that was advertised at a lower rate, with the hopes the customer will be willing to pay for an item of higher price. Ignite Payments is a honest and upfront small business merchant account company.

How to accept credit cards through Ignite Payments is a simple and easy process. All a small business in need of a small business merchant account needs to do is sign up online. Merchant Processors such as Ignite Payments offers you a free merchant account application which is simple to complete, and they'll also waive the set up fee and almost 98% of small businesses are approved. Getting your low rate merchant account through this reputable merchant credit card processor doesn't require an annual fee like other merchant account services do. Unlike other merchant account credit card processing companies, this merchant account provider does not require a signature of the initial application.

When you set up a
retail merchant account or internet merchant account through Ignite Payments, you get a company who is well versed in all the credit card regulations that you as a business will need to know when you open up your merchant account. This merchant account provider has the ability to get you the lowest discount rate for your merchant account and has merchant terminals and merchant processing software that protects you from fraud.

First Data and its partners such as Ignite Payments helps merchants in their quest to accept credit cards and accept debit cards for their business, including all the major issues. Merchant Credit Card processors such as Ignite Payments will give merchants the ability to accept credit cards online making your job as an online business owner simple and easy. Merchant account processing is a quick process through Ignite Payments.

Along with many options, ado gives merchants the ability to
accept electronic checks also with a low processing fee deposited into your credit card merchant account. This company offers low merchant discount rates, the system is basic and uncomplicated, making it perfect for small business merchant accounts, and those who have never used a merchant account processing system before.  As a merchant, you will be able to charge your customers using the First Data Global Payment Gateway, making it simple to directly debit the amount of money on the check from your customers’ accounts. The software allows you to track and collect credit card payments with several different options. Ignite Payments has top of the line customer services staff that are willing to answer any questions or fix any problems you might have. The set up is quick and easy as well.

For both
retail merchant accounts and internet merchant accounts, Fraud Prevention is critical! The best part of Ignite Payments is they are #1 in fraud protection. This allows the small business and customers to relax about doing business together. Ignite Payments is willing to intervene if anything shall happen with their fraud protection. Ignite Payments gives you the ability to view online reports so you can always know how your companies doing. Ignite Payments allows you to process credit cards online via your computer or from the comfort of your smart phone.

Ignite Payments is a wonderful opportunity to help your small business double its profits at the very least and bring in more customers. You can guarantee your customers the safety of using their debit cards, credit cards and personal checks with your company because Ignite Payments has fraud protection. For small business owners we
accept credit cards online and are willing to work with you on how to accept credit cards. Ignite Payments is rated high and well when it comes to merchant account processing and sales. Visit the leader in Merchant Account Services today by going to or contact them at 888-224-9571


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