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Internet Merchant Accounts for less

Merchant Accounts increase customer loyalty

All business today needs to compete in the arena of obtaining new customers. Attracting new customers to your business not only means offering a valuable service at affordable prices, but also means you must have options for your potential customers when it comes to methods of payments. If you have been in business just a short time or you are a seasoned merchant looking for first time merchant services or you already have a merchant account but are not satisfied with either the merchant discount rates you are paying or the advancement of the technology that your merchant services provider offers, it is time to contact Ignite Payments. Ignite Payments is the leader when it comes to low cost merchant services and providing merchants with the lowest merchant account rates in the industry.

If you have shopped around for low cost merchant services, you know there are many options. Some companies boast about their excellent customer service, or the fact that they have cheap merchant services provided through a local bank that may be near you, but when it comes to selecting the best merchant account possible, you need to research all you can about their merchant services. How long have they been providing inexpensive merchant accounts and been in the merchant credit card processing industry? Do they have a large enough customer service staff to service your needs when you are seeking assistance in reading your merchant statements, explaining why you are having merchant software processing issues, or questions about chargebacks? All these are important aspects of a great merchant services provider and merchant account company. Ignite Payments has it all. Great customer service, great low merchant account rates, great technical staff to assist you, and a reputation for being number one in the online credit card payments industry.

Once you have done your research, you should be ready to choose the best credit card processing system available. Along with these choices should be the best bankcard processing service too. We at Ignite Payments have the best merchant services, merchant services, and merchant accounts. The benefit of choosing us is our low rate merchant accounts, low discount rate merchant accounts, and we accept credit cards. Also available is merchant account processing, and an available credit card merchant account when you sign up. We can show you how to accept credit cards when you get the merchant account services contract.

We will also help you with an internet merchant account, and or retail merchant account. You will enjoy the ease with which you obtain a merchant account online, and we will be glad to run you through how to get a merchant account.  You will find credit card processing easier, and will love your merchant bankcard processing. Our bankcard processing is fast and reliable. But more than anything you will love our low cost merchant services. More than all this your customers will love the low rate merchant services.

Having a merchant account to process credit card payments online will cause your business to flourish because of the low rate credit card processing. The courtesy you provide in thinking of customers be maintaining merchant services for less, and your best credit card processing will make them return again and again. You will be known for the best bankcard processing, and best merchant services. Today's merchant services and merchant accounts mean more business and faster more efficiency in and out for customers.

Your reputation will be great in the community when it is known that your low rate merchant accounts can be passed on to the customer. We have low discount rate merchant accounts, for you to relish and most of all sales will climb when you accept credit cards. Our merchant account processing will make your accounting and bookwork easier to handle as well.

But for you, the convenience of a credit card merchant account will help most. When we sign you up we will show you how to accept credit cards. You will recommend our merchant account services to acquaintances, so sign up for an internet merchant account soon. If you need a retail merchant account, our services make it easy and efficient to get your merchant account online.

Visit us at or call us at 888-224-9571 and we will tell you how to obtain a merchant account. You will love our low rate merchant services, and we will show you how to get a merchant account.



Online Merchant Accounts

Are you in the market for a merchant account processing company? Are you looking to find out how to accept credit cards both online and in store? Are you in need of updating your current business model and start accepting credit cards so that you can keep up with your competition, reduce the amount of trips to the bank to make weekly cash and check deposits, and deter the incidence of both employee theft and outside theft from having cash on hand? These are just some of the reasons the majority of businesses that operate today accept credit cards and have a merchant account. So what is your next step? Do some research and find out who is the leader, associated with large names that have a reputation for excellent merchant processing such as First Data. You need merchant account services to ensure everything is done correctly and ensure your accounting is satisfactory! The best company around by far is Ignite Payments. (

What are the benefits of a
retail merchant account and how to get a merchant account? These are just a few of the initial questions! Here are a few answers...
Benefits are plenty; the main benefit is less cash on hand which means less bank deposits, less safety issues while handling cash outside the store. The biggest reason as far as safety goes is there is no need for a large sum of cash in a safe on store premises which is much safer for you and your employees.

Do you
accept credit cards now? If not then you should start NOW!

So how does this
credit card merchant account really work? Once you get a credit card merchant account you can also get a merchant account online which will bring your business online for the entire world to see! Not only will you have your brick and mortar store but you will also gain an online presence which in turn will bring lots more sales to your business! Your internet merchant account will be connected to your retail merchant account to ensure all sales go to the correct account. You can use your merchant account online to learn how to accept credit cards on your site as well as in your store.

You can link your
internet merchant account to your merchant account processing to ensure your merchant account services is controlled all in one place. This will ensure all account activity is up to date and safe and secure for your business.

Once you choose to
accept credit cards it will make your everyday life so much easier as well as open your business up to a world you never thought possible. Find out how to get a merchant account and get started right away! You will be blown away with the changes that occur within your business with the extra time and income from your whole other source on income created online!

By allowing your store to become remote and have an online presence there are so many other options once you get your website going then you can choose to go mobile and have a site on Smartphone’s as well as tablets!
Online Merchant Accounts also integrate easily with new technology, and lets your customers have greater options for payment. With the idea of being at anyone's finger tips this brings a whole new type of excitement to the table. This brings so many new customers as well as impulse buys and without credit cards it would not be possible. Ignite Payments will set you up with low rate merchant accounts, low discount rate fees, and secure online merchant credit card processing software, which will allow your merchant credit card deposits to be done electronically and automatically, making it even better because the merchant credit card processing keeps up with your accounting for your as well!

More sales - Better platforms - More payment methods - Less cash to deal with - Less bank deposits - More income - Online presence - Free accounting department- What more could you ask for!


Top Merchant Service Providers

Ignite Financial is the leading business in merchant credit card processing. When a company signs up through Ignite Financial/First Data Independent Sales of Colorado, they will be able to begin accepting credit cards, giving online businesses or retail businesses the tools they need to compete in today's environment of electronic payments.  Ignite Financial guarantees using their credit card merchant account will increase your company’s profits by the mere fact of having the ability to accept credit cards. In addition, they have the lowest rate of any other merchant account and the experience, as the leading Merchant Services Provider to provide the service you deserve from a Merchant Services Provider. Many other merchant account services offer lower rates, however Ignite Payments/Better Credit Card Processing promises the lowest rate. Ignite Payments is a Merchant Services Company providing both internet merchant accounts and retail merchant accounts and has no hidden fees that many other merchant account credit card processing companies may have locked away in their terms and conditions. They also will not bait and switch you like many other credit card processing companies have in the past. In case customers aren't familiar with the bait and switch advertising, this is what it means. Bait and Switch advertising is an illegal practice where companies such as merchant services companies will advertise their products at low rates or low prices. Once they have you at their business they'll claim there out of the product that was advertised at a lower rate, with the hopes the customer will be willing to pay for an item of higher price. Ignite Payments is a honest and upfront small business merchant account company.

How to accept credit cards through Ignite Payments is a simple and easy process. All a small business in need of a small business merchant account needs to do is sign up online. Merchant Processors such as Ignite Payments offers you a free merchant account application which is simple to complete, and they'll also waive the set up fee and almost 98% of small businesses are approved. Getting your low rate merchant account through this reputable merchant credit card processor doesn't require an annual fee like other merchant account services do. Unlike other merchant account credit card processing companies, this merchant account provider does not require a signature of the initial application.

When you set up a
retail merchant account or internet merchant account through Ignite Payments, you get a company who is well versed in all the credit card regulations that you as a business will need to know when you open up your merchant account. This merchant account provider has the ability to get you the lowest discount rate for your merchant account and has merchant terminals and merchant processing software that protects you from fraud.

First Data and its partners such as Ignite Payments helps merchants in their quest to accept credit cards and accept debit cards for their business, including all the major issues. Merchant Credit Card processors such as Ignite Payments will give merchants the ability to accept credit cards online making your job as an online business owner simple and easy. Merchant account processing is a quick process through Ignite Payments.

Along with many options, ado gives merchants the ability to
accept electronic checks also with a low processing fee deposited into your credit card merchant account. This company offers low merchant discount rates, the system is basic and uncomplicated, making it perfect for small business merchant accounts, and those who have never used a merchant account processing system before.  As a merchant, you will be able to charge your customers using the First Data Global Payment Gateway, making it simple to directly debit the amount of money on the check from your customers’ accounts. The software allows you to track and collect credit card payments with several different options. Ignite Payments has top of the line customer services staff that are willing to answer any questions or fix any problems you might have. The set up is quick and easy as well.

For both
retail merchant accounts and internet merchant accounts, Fraud Prevention is critical! The best part of Ignite Payments is they are #1 in fraud protection. This allows the small business and customers to relax about doing business together. Ignite Payments is willing to intervene if anything shall happen with their fraud protection. Ignite Payments gives you the ability to view online reports so you can always know how your companies doing. Ignite Payments allows you to process credit cards online via your computer or from the comfort of your smart phone.

Ignite Payments is a wonderful opportunity to help your small business double its profits at the very least and bring in more customers. You can guarantee your customers the safety of using their debit cards, credit cards and personal checks with your company because Ignite Payments has fraud protection. For small business owners we
accept credit cards online and are willing to work with you on how to accept credit cards. Ignite Payments is rated high and well when it comes to merchant account processing and sales. Visit the leader in Merchant Account Services today by going to or contact them at 888-224-9571


Get A Merchant Account Today

If you want to run a successful business, your company has to be able to employ credit card processing. Without credit card processing, you will never be able to compete with your competition. The easiest way to accept all major credit cards is with a merchant bankcard processing account. Once you apply to the merchant bankcard processing center, they will run a check of your credit and determine the risk involved with giving you an account.

bankcard processing it is important to find a company that offers the best prices. Your credit scores might dictate the rate at which these bankcard processing companies charge you, but there is still ways you can try and control those costs. The first thing you can do is begin looking for low cost merchant services. Many of these low cost merchant services have the ability to operate exclusively online, so they pass those savings on to the merchant. The low rate merchant services are just as professional and efficient as any other; they simply have the ability to save your business significant amounts of money on fees.

low rate merchant services providers will help you to keep more of your sales in your pockets where the money belongs. One of the advantages to the low rate credit card processing company is that they have less strict restrictions that they place on their merchants. If you are dealing with sales that have high dollar items, you might be working on a small profit margin. The low rate credit card processing allows you to stop throwing all your profits away each sale.

The ability to get
merchant services for less means you can focus on putting that money back in the company to grow your brand. Getting the merchant services for less means at the end of the year your profits allow you to expand and grow vital areas that will help you to succeed for years to come. The best credit card processing companies are the one that you do not have to think about. When working with the best credit card processing company, they should be working in the background without constant attention needed to maintain them.

For a small business, the
best bankcard processing company can also help to guide the merchant through the rough waters of consumer fraud. The best bankcard processing company will show the merchant how to do their due diligence and protect themselves from fraud. The best merchant services will work closely with you because your success is their success. The best merchant services understand if you lose money that they lose a potential client.

When it comes to
merchant services, you really have to do your homework. Each day there are new merchant services companies opening for business and looking to help you. Your company needs merchant accounts that work best for the individual company. Research the merchant accounts like you would any other purchase. These low rate merchant accounts can really be an asset for your business. The low rate merchant accounts also have some of the best customer service in the industry. Low discount rate merchant accounts are the best solution for protecting your business and growing it at the same time. The low discount rate merchant accounts will help you grow and reach your financial goals.

Contact Better Credit Card Processing today at 888-224-9571 and get started with a new merchant account for your business. They are the leader in the merchant credit card processing industry, are experts at Visa and MasterCard rules and regulations are PCI compliant and carry all the latest credit card processing terminals and credit card processing software you will need, and can get you a low rate merchant account in days from your application!




merchant accounts or merchant services to a business can be very tough at times.
Many businesses will look at
merchant bankcard processing and say, "Why do we need this. We don't need merchant bankcard processing. We are doing just fine on our own, without having to acquire bankcard processing." Some businesses might even say that bankcard processing will slow things down for them. That merchant services for less are for the others. I have even heard some companies say, "Merchant services for less is for those who are small, or just starting out."

But what many don't realize is this is an option that will fit any kind of business. It's also a need that will help to increase sales and a good customer base.


Once you sell a company on the idea of needing
credit card processing, you must sell them on the best credit card processing services to go with. You can't just go with the first low rate credit card processing services you see.


This is the first mistake that so many make. They make their choice based on the sales gimmick. Even selling
low rate merchant credit card processing is a sale pitch, even of itself. Bank card processing and merchant services is more than just the money. It's a sense of satisfaction. It's a sense of customer service. You are not just going to with any low rate merchant services or low cost merchant services, who offer you nothing for your dollar. These low rate merchant services and low cost merchant services need to make it worth your while. Otherwise, you as a company might as well move on.


If these
low rate merchant accounts want you that bad, they will find you. The best bankcard processing and the best merchant services are found by doing a little digging. The best bankcard processing and the best merchant services will offer you benefits all the way around.

Once you, as a company have decided on which of the many low discount rate merchant accounts to go with, the next step comes in setting things up. Part of merchant account processing and merchant account services is making it accessible. This is all part of merchant account processing and merchant account services.

Your merchant account services must
accept credit cards. When you learn how to get a merchant account, each of the following must accept credit cards
1) merchant account online/ retail merchant account
2) Internet merchant account
3) credit card merchant account

Your retail merchant account, merchant account online, internet merchant account and credit card merchant account will increase your profits and every business owner must know how to accept credit cards

Once your company knows
how to accept credit cards, it will present more options to the client. The support will be there 24/7. The management will be more streamlined and efficient. Payments that are made, will go through more quickly on either end.

Contact Ignite Payments by visiting or by speaking with one of their merchant account representatives who can help you find the right merchant account, the best credit card processing software, and the lowest merchant discount rates in the industry! Not only will your sales increase because you have the ability to accept payment options other than cash only or checks, but you will also have less cash on hand which reduces your chances of theft, reduce the amount of time you spend making deposits at the bank, and reduce your vulnerability to internal theft from employees who have access to the cash at hand in your establishment.


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BankCard Merchant Processing Companies

Benefits of Finding Lowest Rate Merchant Accounts

You have successfully created a website for your business and now are wondering how to get a merchant account. The first step in how to get a merchant account is to understand before you apply that there are many different types of merchant credit card processing accounts and interest rates associated with these types of companies. Before you wonder how to accept credit cards, you need to understand that the lower the interest rate that you pay per transaction the more money that you will eventually get to keep in your pockets. Once you figure out the best fit for your business then how to accept credit cards is simple.

Merchant account services provide your company with a secure way to accept payments online without compromising the customer’s information. The more secure the merchant bankcard transaction the less chances you will have to worry about a customer’s information being exposed to predators. These merchant account services allow your business to now compete with other businesses in your niche who have the majority of the customers. Merchant Credit card processing companies allow you to compete on a global level with your competitors. You now have the ability to securely accept credit card payments from customers who live in another part of the country or the world. Merchant Bankcard processing companies connect you with those customers and provide a safe platform where all their credit details are encrypted for the highest possible level of security available.

Low Rate Merchant bankcard processing allows your business to sell goods online to customers and accept a multitude of different payment types from all the major credit card issuers. Although there are hundreds of different merchant bankcard processing companies, they do offer different types of fees depending on your type of business. You should carefully analyze those fees before you sign up with one low rate merchant services company because your particular business model could fit better with a low cost merchant services company. When selecting low cost merchant services the first thing you must consider is whether you do high end transactions or many transactions each day.

When it comes to
merchant bankcard processing the financial institutions card by either the amount of transactions you do or they charge a different interest rate depending on the volume you do. Many low rate merchant services will provide you a low rate merchant bankcard transaction rate fee percentage and as well as a small fee per transaction. When you are doing many small transactions this can eat away at your profits quickly. You may want to consider low rate merchant services that have no transaction fee and a smaller percentage per charge so you can grow your business successfully.

Low rate credit card processing is a great way for your business to provide customers the added convenience of shopping in your store and paying with a credit card. You have to be certain you are working with low rate credit card processing companies that can extend you the absolute lowest percentage per sale if your sales volume warrants it. Many times the bankcard processing companies will look carefully at your sales for a month or two to determine if you can be moved to a fee structure that works best for your business model.

You can often find
merchant services for less when you take the time to be informed before just jumping on the first card provider you find. It often works in your benefit to get cheap merchant services because over the course of a few months you can easily but back thousands of dollars into your company that would have been wasted on a retail merchant account with high fees. You can often negotiate for a retail merchant account with lower fees once the lender sees that your numbers are what you say they are. Just because you tell them up front is not a guarantee they will believe those numbers are in fact legitimate.

Getting a credit card merchant account gives you the ability to compete with even the big companies on a global level now. When you apply for an internet merchant account your business goes from being a local business to a nationwide and global one. You can also monitor your merchant account online so you can stay informed of all the merchant bankcard processing and payments that post to your account as they are completed. A credit card merchant account shows potential customers that you are a legitimate company that supplies its customers with the ease of using any payment when shopping. Your internet merchant account has the highest security protection available for you and your customers. Once you are up and running with your merchant account online you have the opportunity to grow your company faster than ever before.  For the lowest rate merchant services in the credit card processing industry, contact Ignite Payments at today or call them and see how easy it is to apply for a merchant account. Call 888-224-9571 today!


Merchant Services

Merchant Services Help Online Businesses Grow

Most companies are starting to discover that there are a few different advantages of offering bankcard processing for online purchases. Consumers are increasingly relying on online shopping, so owners will need to provide the right merchant bankcard processing. If these online providers want to bankcard processing, they will need to set it up through a financial institution. Finding the best merchant services is a top priority for businesses, so they will naturally want to research the bankcard processing options that they have. Setting up merchant accounts is easy when owners find the right providers in their area soon. They will be able to set up merchant accounts that offer a full range of important merchant services as well.

When considering
merchant account processing, it will first be important to set up a merchant account online. Financial agencies will offer people the chance that they need to link up with a whole host of different merchant account processing options. Understanding how to get a merchant account is a critical component of this process. The provider may be able to showcase how to get a merchant account that will provide the best credit card processing. When companies get the best credit card processing, they will simply be better able to conduct purchases through these merchant services.

Most every owner wants to get
low rate merchant services. These low cost merchant services will allow people to support consumers at a discount cost. A credit card merchant account is often a vital component of low rate merchant services. Since consumers increasingly rely on credit to make their purchases, companies should consider how they can get a credit card merchant account soon. This should be an integral component of low rate merchant services. You will find having a merchant account increases your customer base, attracts more customers to purchase from you and reduces you time spent making manual deposits at the bank.

While booking
low cost merchant services, there are a few key merchant services for less that should not be missed. Retailers should book merchant services for less that will offer a full range of options to people. These low rate merchant accounts can still provide top tech support as well. Retailers should look for low rate merchant accounts that will secure different types of services for people. Low discount rate merchant services do not have to lack these important features. Everyone will need to consider low discount rate merchant accounts if they want to get a retail merchant account installed soon.

Finally, it will be important to simply manage this
retail merchant account. Business leaders will want to make sure that they pay in to getting merchant account services through their internet merchant account. They can often view the merchant account services they have right through their internet merchant account profile. Managing a merchant account online will take just a minimal amount of time. If owners want to get low discount rate merchant accounts, they should still ensure that they are getting merchant bankcard processing that they need. This will be an integral component of getting the best merchant services around.

Contact Ignite Payments by visiting their website at today and let their merchant account specialists show you how easy and affordable getting a merchant account is.