Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Get A Merchant Account For your Business

Finding the right merchant services provider is not as easy as it used to be. With so many more credit card processing companies out there trying to sell you on their merchant services and stating they are the best merchant services provider with the lowest merchant services rates, it is hard to know who to believe. However, finding just the lowest merchant services account as far as rates go is only part of the battle when finding the best merchant account available. Not only is it important to lock in the best merchant account rates, it is critical that you work with a merchant services company who has a reputation as knowledgeable, with proper fraud and security standards in place, and excellent customer service. From experience, I have seen more than my share of merchants with one of the top merchant service providers leave but not because they were disappointed about their low merchant services rates, but rather, they were disappointed about the services that their merchant service provider was giving them. The merchant service provider was either unresponsive to their needs when it came to high chargeback rates, or new credit card merchant account laws implemented by Visa and MasterCard, or they felt that the merchant account was more trouble than it was worth because they had to deal with customers charging back, wanting returns, or they felt it was not worth the money they were paying their merchant account services provider.

It was these same merchants though who later realized that in the world of debit cards and credit cards being so easily available, if they were not going to accept credit cards or accept debit cards, they would lose business to those merchants with merchant accounts who did accept credit cards.  The best credit card processor and merchant account processor can help these merchants understand the reality of needing a merchant account.

Companies such as First Data/FDIS Colorado have been around for years, and they are in fact the leader in the credit card processing industry. Whether you are in need of an online merchant account, otherwise known as an internet merchant account, a retail merchant account, a restaurant merchant account, or even a high risk merchant account, a company such as First Data/FDIS Colorado has the solution for you.  Merchant account processing has come a long way over the years, and has had to evolve with the changing times brought about by all the compliance regulations that the credit card issuers have mandated.  Having a credit card merchant account now means you must be in compliance with PCI DSS Security Standards, Fraud Regulations, Card Truncation Laws, and a myriad of other rules that companies with merchant accounts must adhere to.

FDIS Colorado will walk you through all the steps of getting a business merchant account, a large business merchant service account, or a merchant card account for your sole proprietor business. Credit card merchant account services enable any size merchant to accept credit cards, accept debit cards, and even accept checks through their large selection of both credit card terminals, designed with retail merchant accounts, restaurant merchant accounts, or even fast food/quick service restaurants and salons who are in need of a way to accept credit cards, as well as their credit card processing software which is designed for the merchant in need of an internet merchant account.

FDIS Colorado keeps up with all the current regulations, helps you with any customer service issue you may be faced with, such as how to void out transactions from you merchant terminal, how to reduce your chargeback ratios by validating your website is properly set up with your return policy, a customer service phone number available for your customers to contact you, and a way for you to clearly state your shipping policy, how they can reach you to handle possible issues before they become returns or even worse, chargebacks, and ensuring you meet all the credit card guidelines for what must be present on your website.

Let’s not forget that First Data Merchant Services/FDIS Colorado also offers some of the lowest rates for a merchant account, constantly monitoring how you process credit cards, to see if they can make adjustments to how your credit card merchant account is set up. They will also monitor your transactions to make sure you are doing everything possible on your end to qualify for the best discount rate possible. Many merchants with merchant accounts are unaware of certain guidelines such as how quickly you must close out your merchant batch to get the best rate, making sure you are using Address Verification Service (AVS) if you are an internet merchant or are processing a card not present transaction, and for hotel merchants, ensuring you are including all the enhanced data required to qualify for the best discount rate possible. These are just a few of the things that you will receive when you open a merchant account with FDIS. You will have the reassurance of knowing you have selected the best merchant account in the industry, you are getting the best merchant discount rates in the industry, and that you are having an experience that is unsurpassed in the credit card processing and merchant services account industry.  Visit today or call them at 888-224-9571.



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